Holistic Therapy

Experience The Benefits Of Meditation

What We Offer

At Health by Choice FL, we understand the influence of the mind over the body. We offer clients meditation therapy, salt therapy, and other modalities that eliminate negative energy and impurities from the body. Our goal is to help you achieve overall wellness.

Phoenix Rising (Only By Appointment)

We show you how to use yoga poses to free your body of blockages. Through exhaling, you release deep emotional issues, pain, fear, traumas, and more. To determine your needs, we start with a 10-minute assessment. Yoga sessions last for 45 minutes.

Om Chakra Therapy Meditation

Activate and balance your chakra system for a better and empowered you. This therapeutic option includes instruction and exercises. Private and group classes are available, so please inquire for dates and appointments.

Yantra Puja Homa Practice & Meditation (Vedic Style)

Yantra means sacred design and perfect geometry. The entire Earth was created on eternal principles of sacred geometry, from nature and minerals to man and animals. All elements are in perfect mathematical creative design and purpose.

Puja is a sacred ceremony that allows us to offer the Universal Consciousness of Infinite Goodness our gratitude for life in a devotional manner. It is not for everyone.

Mantras are the use of sacred Vedic sounds to eradicate unwanted thought patterns from our minds. Just as sound can shatter glass, mantra sound is a pure remedy for our disturbed minds. It brings about harmony, structure, and healing. Like Puja, mantras are not for everyone.

Sensitiv Imago

Sensitiv Imago—or SI—diagnostics is a new, cutting-edge computer technology that improves methods of diagnosing and rectifying health issues. The methodology is based on scientific research clarifying the fundamental nature of biological matter in our body.

Waves that surround all cells differ from each other due to their characteristics. The living cell of a biological object has its specific wave frequency, while an invalid cell changes frequency. Each therapeutic preparation has its peculiar frequency waves. The SI computer diagnostics record these properties.

Computer health diagnostics are particularly popular among health-conscious people. We use the computer diagnostic functions of SI to diagnose problems in a just a few minutes, detailing any organ of the body causing physical illness. The results allow us to quickly identify various diseases at any stage, including viral, microbial, and parasitic infections.

The SI procedure is completely safe and harmless. Its diagnostic system includes various safety precautions to protect both you and the doctor from potential hazards.